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Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Advantages of Using Autocad

Freelance drafting jobs are generally completed with Autocad software. Autocad is one of the design program with a computer image that is quite sophisticated. Slowly but surely the experience of Autocad drawing automation, replacing manual functions that had been dominating the work in all fields. Autocad drawings can be accepted by most other drawing programs and can be printed using almost any printing equipment. Autocad has a fairly complete facilities to create an image - the image of two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

Some reasons to use Autocad than the manual way to produce the drafting jobs:

Accuracy: With this level of precision to 13 digits, Autocad has a perfect accuracy rate and  more secure than with manual drawing. In manual drawing, image accuracy is determined by the thoroughness and precision hand eye which is very possible occurrence of errors.
Practicality, Easy, and Speedly: drafting and editing facilities that make Autocad more perfectly capable of producing much faster than the manual way. Commands Copy, Array, Block, etc. allows us to create and edit images en masse and quickly.
Cleanliness and Neatness: With Autocad editing commands that are owned, allowing freelance autocad drafter to revise and examine the images before it - was printed, so the resulting images are clean and perfect without a trace - the former editing, deletion and sweat or crumpled paper like that found in the manual image .
Workspace Unlimited: Autocad has an infinite workspace for drafting jobs.So that Autocad drafter can make pictures of as many as in the same space. Autocad drafter can print it part by part or all at once with the right scale.
Flexibility Scale: Autocad allows one image is printed over and over - once with different scales - different scale without having to recreate the image. Things can not be done on the image manually. By setting the proper scale when printing the drafting jobs, autocad drafter also can choose the units used in the picture, whether mm, centimeters, meters, miles, inches, and so on.
Documentation: The file storage system, the image will be stored permanently. Autocad drafter can easily and quickly duplicate the drafting jobs and revise it later if there are design changes without having to create images from scratch again. With storage media floppy disk or CD Autocad drafter can bring - take drafting jobs easily and edit anywhere.

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