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Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Download ArchiCAD for FREE

ArchiCAD is a CAD software product launched by Graphisoftsince 1982, and consistently until now always updated from the first version of until latest version
ArchiCAD is made specifically earmarked for the World DesignArchitecture, Engineering and Construction CAD ​​softwareinstead of a generic ordinarySo with ArchiCADthe designerswill produce a model project that is more focused on designcan be predicted in the implementation of constructionas well ascheaper and more efficient in its operations

These are a few versions of ArchiCAD that exist today:

ArchiCAD Professional Trial version - free download
30-day fully functioning trial version of ArchiCAD offers a direct path to experiencing BIM tools / Building Information Modeling for the primary design architectDownload the entire series ofinteractive training guide for an easy learning experience.

ArchiCAD Education Student version - free download
Architecture and design students are eligible to receive a fully functional educational version of ArchiCAD for freeDownload the 30-day extension applies to direct and full year until the end ofyour studies.

ArchiCAD version of the Teacher Education - free download
Architecture school teachers and academic institutions are entitled to receive a fully functional version of ArchiCAD extendededucation with BIM Curriculum / Building Information ModellingcompleteDownload the 30-day and applies to annual renewal.

ArchiCAD versions School Academic - free download
Architecture schools and academic institutions are entitled toequip their computer labs with free academic version ofArchiCADNetwork installation option helps you deploy multiple computers ArchiCAD for quick and easy.

Jumat, 18 November 2011

Design Engineer

Design engineer is a general term covering a range of engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical design, industrial and civil engineering, architectural engineers in the United States and development engineers in the United Kingdom.The design engineer is distinguished from the designer / drafter by the fact that a design engineer take care of the overall system as well as internal / engineering design. While industrial designers will be responsible for the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of conceptual design, design engineers typically works with a team of engineers and designers to develop designs, conceptual and Detailed initial and most critical part. They can work with industrial designers and marketing to develop product concepts and specifications, and they can direct the design effort from that point. These products are usually designed with input from several sources such as marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, tool making and packaging techniques. In addition to dealing with system design engineers and scientific technology is more complex (aircraft, spacecraft, Rockets, trains, ships, dams, bridges, building structure, urban infrastructure, machines, production systems, propulsion systems, oil, gas, and mining exploration systems, manufacturing process, military systems, cars, electronics, computers, power systems - nuclear, fossil, wind, marine, and power distribution system). In many areas of engineering, distinction is made between design engineers and planning engineers in the design.Planning engineers are more concerned with designing at the system level is more engineering, and overlap in the operational phase is often required. Design engineers, by contrast, is more concerned with designing a specific new product or system.Evaluation is important for planning engineers, while the synthesis is essential for design engineers. When the design involves public safety, the design engineer is usually required for a license, for example a Professional Engineer in the U.S. and Canada. Often there is an 'industrial exemption' for design engineers working on internal projects for the company and do not provide professional services directly to the public.